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The Ultimate Guide To Viva Video App

First,  do you think about VivaVideo? Give me a chance to clarify, viva video app is a standout amongst the best camcorder and video proofreader applications in Android advertise. It has more than 50 million clients everywhere throughout the world up until now and has been included in Google Play commonly, positioned as No.1 free video supervisor and video producer application. Install on windows PC - check With VivaVideo, you can undoubtedly make your video story and offer with your companions and family, changing regular minutes into gems as you need.

Get the app:

The main thing you need to do is download the application from the play store or apple store from your android or ios. Go to your application store, look for viva video and download the application.

Start the app:

You are not necessarily required to sign up for starting the application. Simply, start the app and choose the capture button to start and press the record button and continue holding if you want to record further. You can record for an hour with viva video app.

Play with the app:

You can explore many features in this app, you can choose a various theme to make your video exciting and colorful and you can even add music to it as per your choice from your music station or simply download music from the app. It has many features like theme music according to your taste. You can trim your videos and club it with other videos and add music to it and make your own super cool video. You can club your different still pictures and add some awesome themes to make it alive and club with your favourite music.

Editing your photos and videos:

After making your whole video, if you want to edit the video again because you are not satisfied with it. Yes, you can easily do it with this app. After when you will be done making the video it will be saved in your drafts and from there if you have to make any changes you can simply do it. Just click on the video saved in drafts and click edit and you will be provided with various options on how would you like to edit and whether you wanna add anything again like photos, any trimmed video or any music or any text to it for writing messages on it and many more.


Step By Step Instructions To Connect A Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

Using a remote mouse and console gives you an added advantage over using the more basic versions. With these wireless accessories, you have the ability to move around without being restricted by the length of the wires.

The removal of wires from the end of these accessories has brought about a reduction in the number of wires that are plugged into the laptop or PC and this serves to give you more freedom in setting up your workspace.

The process of setting up and installing these wireless accessories only takes a little time but once they have been correctly synchronized with and introduced to your laptop, the wireless mouse and keyboard will function in much the same way as their corded counterparts.

Here are basic steps that will aid you in connecting these accessories to your laptop or PC.

  • First, you have to insert the CD that was included in the pack that your wireless mouse and keyboard came in. You should then proceed to install the necessary drivers that will ensure that the wireless peripherals function in exactly the same way as they should.
  • Then, you should proceed to insert the correct amount of batteries into the right slot designed into the body of the mouse and keyboard. You can use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws that are holding the battery covers, also called battery bay covers, in place.
  • The next step is to connect the wireless signal receiver included with the keyboard and mouse to your PC and laptop. When you do this correctly, the computer will detect the signal receiver automatically.
  • After that, you can then turn on the mouse and keyboard if they have been outfitted with power buttons. Then, you can press the ‘Sync’ button on the devices. However, you should know that these buttons vary according to the manufacturer.

In some devices, the word ‘Sync’ is replaced with ‘Connect’ or ‘Pair’. But no matter how they are written, the button works in pretty much the same way. They connect the wireless devices with the computer.

If the wireless signal receiver has a ‘Connect’ button, you should press it at this time.

  • After all these processes, the process of setting up the accessories is complete. Your devices have now been set up for use.

Tips And Warnings

  • You should always have a spare set of batteries at the ready. This is because of the off chance that the battery in the keyboard or mouse might have deteriorated.

When you have spares at the ready, your wireless devices will always be functional.

  • Sometimes, these devices are outfitted with a remote flag. For instance, a connected PDA can be used to interfere with your wireless keyboard and mouse’s connection.

If your devices have a remote flag collector, you should endeavour to keep electronic gadgets away from it. If you do this, you will prevent any form of remote interference.

There are other procedures that you can use to set up your wireless mouse and keyboard. The steps for one of them are:

  • Connect your USB dongle with your computer through the corresponding USB port.
  • Turn off your computer. Do not put it on Hibernation or Sleep Mode, shut it down completely.
  • You should then check to make sure that the plastic battery tab is not still in place.
  • Check again to ensure that batteries have been inserted into both the wireless keyboard and the mouse.
  • Check that the devices are set to the On position. The switch for this is usually at the bottom of the devices.
  • For some other models, there might be a power switch. Turn this on too.
  • Make sure that there is enough power on these devices. You can do this simply by changing the old batteries and inserting a new one.
  • If you are using an HP model, your wireless devices will notify you when the battery is getting low. This warning sign is usually given out by the constant blinking of an LED light. When you see this, you should know that the remote console’s batteries are down.
  • Other models of these wireless devices are outfitted with a lithium particle battery. Therefore, when the LED light that signifies a low battery starts flickering, you can simply connect the wireless devices to any USB charging gadget via a variety of small scale USB links.
  • After all this, you can proceed to turn the PC on.

7 Tips To Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Turn On the Battery Saver Mode

It is a necessity for every laptop to have the feature that activates a Battery Saving Mode or Economy Mode. When any of this is activated, the laptop then enters into a state where processes are minimized in a bid to control power consumption.

Certain power consuming processes like the hard drive, memory, and processor will be conditioned to consume less power. This is usually done by reducing their performance.

When your laptop is in this mode, the battery life is automatically extended.

Reduce The Screen Brightness

Most times when our mobile phone’s battery is getting low, we reduce the brightness in a bid to save power. The same should be done with laptops, it is highly effective.

This is one of the first things that are done when power saving mode is activated.

If the battery is almost fully depreciated, you should reduce the screen’s brightness to the lowest possible. Most of the laptop screens of modern devices are outfitted with LEDs that provide some form of backlighting for convenient use in the dark.

Although these features are helpful, they are a huge strain on the battery. Therefore, you should find out how to turn off these lights. Then, you can conserve you battery for a few more precious hours.

Switch Off Unused Devices

Most times, wireless features like WiFi and Bluetooth are automatically left on. However, unless these features are in use, you should turn them off.

This is because the Bluetooth and WiFi services are radio devices that consume a lot of battery power even when they are just running in the background.

These are not the only features that can be deactivated. Other features like a high powered graphic card are a strain on the battery. Only turn this on when it is needed.

If your laptop has two to three ports, you can turn some of them off if they are not in use. Also, optical drives and input devices that are being underutilized can be turned off.

Reduce The Resolution

Modern laptops are automatically outfitted with a lot of features that can be a drag on system performance and battery life. One of these features is the resolution of the screen.

Almost every modern laptop is equipped with a very high resolution screen . The screen alone will account for a large percentage of the total strain on the laptop’s battery.

To save battery, you should consider switching the screen resolution to a basic one. This gives you more battery life since it is an effective way to reduce the strain on your battery.

Turn Off The Battery’s Backlight

This advice is only useful to people who have a laptop that is outfitted with a keyboard that has a corresponding backlight.

Simply turning off the backlight will elongate the time that your laptop will be on.

Close Any Unnecessary Processes And Application

Most of the battery consumers we have mentioned have been hardware related. However, these are not the only components or features that can consume your laptop’s battery.

Some of these battery consumers can be software too. Therefore, you might want to close some background applications that you are not using but that are still running anyways.

These processes include music players, sound devices, cloud services, and video players. Not to worry, closing these processes will not affect your computer adversely later.

Do Not Let Your Computer Overheat

A lot of people use their laptops on blankets, pillows, or beds. This is not good for your laptop’s overall health. You run the risk of causing your laptop’s battery and other internal components to overheat.

However, damage is not the only thing that can result from the overheating of your laptop. Your battery’s longetivity is also at risk. Therefore, whenever you are using your laptop, you should place it on a solid surface. This will provide enough space for air to penetrate your laptop.

Also, there is often an accumulation of debris and dust on the laptop’s air vents, ports, and fans and this usually prevents the entry of air and exit of heat at the same time.

If you clear the vents of this blockages, the performance of your laptop will improve and so will the battery life.

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