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The Ultimate Guide To Viva Video App

First,  do you think about VivaVideo? Give me a chance to clarify, viva video app is a standout amongst the best camcorder and video proofreader applications in Android advertise. It has more than 50 million clients everywhere throughout the world up until now and has been included in Google Play commonly, positioned as No.1 free video supervisor and video producer application. Install on windows PC - check With VivaVideo, you can undoubtedly make your video story and offer with your companions and family, changing regular minutes into gems as you need.

Get the app:

The main thing you need to do is download the application from the play store or apple store from your android or ios. Go to your application store, look for viva video and download the application.

Start the app:

You are not necessarily required to sign up for starting the application. Simply, start the app and choose the capture button to start and press the record button and continue holding if you want to record further. You can record for an hour with viva video app.

Play with the app:

You can explore many features in this app, you can choose a various theme to make your video exciting and colorful and you can even add music to it as per your choice from your music station or simply download music from the app. It has many features like theme music according to your taste. You can trim your videos and club it with other videos and add music to it and make your own super cool video. You can club your different still pictures and add some awesome themes to make it alive and club with your favourite music.

Editing your photos and videos:

After making your whole video, if you want to edit the video again because you are not satisfied with it. Yes, you can easily do it with this app. After when you will be done making the video it will be saved in your drafts and from there if you have to make any changes you can simply do it. Just click on the video saved in drafts and click edit and you will be provided with various options on how would you like to edit and whether you wanna add anything again like photos, any trimmed video or any music or any text to it for writing messages on it and many more.

Saving the video:

After done with your edits and making of your wonderful video with viva video app, you can easily save the video to your gallery or to the app itself. After you will be done making the video, your content will be saved automatically in the application or you can even click on the option “save it to gallery” and it will be saved to your gallery.

To capture the best videos of your daily lives and also capturing the best photos, this viva video app will you in so many ways. Adding this app to your cart list will do justice to you. Have a wonderfully edited video with different themes and music and send it to your loved ones.

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