Amazing Ways to Make Money From 3D Printing!

Create And Sell Designs And Printed Items

There is a wide array of 3D modeling software available for you if you want assistance in creating your 3D models.

Some of the popular ones include 3DSlash, Sketchup, Tinker CAD, 123D Design, Blender, MeshMixer and Sculptris.

If you are a beginner, there is a wealth of aid and assistance available for you online. This includes YouTube videos, Online Courses, and tutorials. Also, you can join any of the teeming communities of 3D graphic artists.

Also, if you have a ready design or print you want to sell, the internet is full of marketplaces where buyers are waiting to sample your wares.

Some of these trading hubs include:

  • 3D Ocean

This is a repository for 3D models.

  • 3D Export

3D Export is a marketplace where transactions on sales of designs are conducted.

  • Azavy

With Azavy, you can upload your files on the database and you will get paid anytime a user prints your design.

  • CG Trader

This is also a repository for 3D models. However, it is bigger than other versions like 3D ocean.

Buy A 3D Printer And Offer A 3D Printing Service

The average 3D printer costs hundreds of dollars at the very least. Also, you will need to dedicate some amount of time to develop the necessary experience to achieve the professional grade points that are used as yardsticks by experts.

After gaining the necessary professional grade points, you can then proceed to offer your services through 3D printing networks like Shapeways Global Partner Network and 3D Hubs.

You can enter your printer on their database and provide your contact information. With this, customers residing in your area will be able to locate you and employ your services for their 3D printing.

Establish A 3D Printed Food Café Or Candy Store

The Netherlands based firm, Food Ink is noted for their creativity. They were the first printing agency in the world to establish a 3D printing pop up restaurant.

This restaurant creates culinary desserts and dishes through a large network of 3D printers.

Create Novel 3D Printed Product Or Services

Different 3D printing firms have different things they are noted for.

Polychemy is noted for their expertise in 3D printed jewelry. They also give clients the ability to customize pieces of jewelry online.

The topmost authority on fitted 3D printed eyewear is Protoseyewear while Danit Peleg is a renowned specialist in 3D printed fashion.

The more 3D printing technology develops, the more innovative the entrepreneurs will become. This will introduce a new age that will feature customized products.

Also, you can establish a 3D selfie studio which will allow you to scan your clients and then print a life like figurine. However, you will not be the first to think of this because studios like iOYS, Sculptraits Studio, and Cokreeate have already done this.


Conduct 3D Modeling And 3D Printing Courses

You can train the future generation of designers and printers by organizing training courses on 3D printing.

Other than giving valuable aid to the next generation of 3D printers, you will also earn some amount of passive income through this.

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